April 29, 2005

Support John Bolton

In case you were wondering what the modern face of the John Birch Society was up to, here's the latest on the pro-Bolton PR campaign in their own words. Why I ended up on this email list, I can't tell you, but hey, more snark for me. So, essentially as it was passed on to my mailbox with some minor trimming at the end and hotlinks added:


I'm running off for a speaking engagement, but I wanted to quickly
tell you that our new ad supporting John Bolton's nomination as U.S.
Ambassador to the UN is now online.



We've had enough of the "Smear John Bolton" campaign led by liberals
Barbar Boxer and John Kerry. Our new ad redirects the the discussion
back on the failures of the UN. More importantly, we're setting a
new standard in these confirmation fights by highlighting the
credibility issues that undermine Bolton's highest profile critics
Melody Townsel (active with Mothers Opposing Bush) and Carl
Ford (campaign contributor to several liberal Democrats including
Senator John Kerry).

The ads don't start running until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week,
so we have about 4 or 5 days to raise approximately $140,000 to
ensure the ads are broadcast throughout Wisconsin. We're going
to put the heat on Senator Feingold just like we did with Senator
Voinovich when he expressed doubts about Bolton.

Let's keep up the momentum so next week we can send a message to the
lmembers of the U.S. Senate: If you oppose the strong, pro-American
policies and ideology of John Bolton, and if you instead serve as a
flak for Kofi Annan and the UN, then we will make sure your
constituents are informed.




Move America Forward
ATTN: Bolton TV Ad Fund
P.O. Box 1497
Sacramento, CA 95812

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Move America Forward was created by influential and extreme right Republicans around San Diego connected to the Russo political PR firm..

Yes, they are the new John Birch Society - get the UN out of America and America out of the UN is one of their goals - but so is the new GOP leadership. Bush&Co. likes them because they can also turn on GOP members if they also stray like they have turned on GOP Senator Voinovich.

See, they are not officially part of the GOP, just friendly neighborhood enforcers that hang around them. Sorta like the GOP is the new Mafia and these are some tough huys who hang around and do favors for them and work for them but aren't really on the full-time payroll as they have their own numbers and protection racket raising money.


Posted by: Easter Lemming at April 30, 2005 08:40 PM