April 26, 2005

The Week in Kos

Daily Kos isn't doesn't yet put out quite as much content as cnn.com (I think), but it's just as worth keeping track of. If you haven't caught all of these, do go read:

Bill in Portland Maine does a tremendous job of highlighting useful tidbits with his Cheers & Jeers diaries, these are a couple of my recent favorites. Today's has some of the choice quotes from last week's Bill Maher, covering the environment, gay-bashing, and women's rights. Last Thursday, he laid out the congressional criminal and misdemeanor record.

Meteor Blades offered an Earth Day history briefing, but you can find a comprehensive review of medicine, energy, technology, environmental, and evolutionary biology diaries in this week's installment of the Nerd Network News by Seattle Liberal. I particularly recommend DarkSyde's evolution diaries which are both very easy to read and full of detail.

Michael D unearths some interesting historical documentation of a child sex ring affiliated with the Bush Sr. White House. Stranger than fiction if true.

Taonow continues his plain english series on the American economic disaster. This installment focuses on interest rates and inflation.

Liberal nerd notes that the kids are having sex, pretty much just like they've been doing since the dawn of time. By the numbers: "The recent release of an eight-year study found that teens who signed virginity pledges were just as likely to end up with STDs as those who did not. ... taking one of these pledges makes a teenage girl six times more likely to perform oral sex [and] four times more likely to allow anal sex. ..." Good job, abstinence lobby.

Amyindallas brings us a letter from Melody Townsel, who's preparing to testify against John Bolton, admitting to having done something stupid 21 years ago.

Kos talks about how healthcare is breaking GM's bank, and how WalMart has been a consistent opponent of a universal healthcare system that could prevent these spiraling losses.

Washington tells foreign governments that all your oil belongs to us.

A reminder from Bob Johnson that when Republicans howl about Hollywood and the liberal media, they really mean to say Jews.

Jbou has a brief labor update.

Maryscott summarizes Robert Reich explaining education.

Frist to Democrats: No deal on judges.

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