April 17, 2005

Lost in Space

It's suggested now and again that space research and exploration is an insult to people with more concrete, earthly needs. Largely ignoring the fact that the basic research needed to solve the problems of living in space, terraforming barren environments, and adjusting to tiny habitats, would be very useful to solving many of the problems that bedevil us today. Also ignoring as the argument does, the wealth of useful technologies already developed in accord with past NASA programs. But I've almost given up hope that there's going to be a lot of progress on this score for the forseeable future, unless you've got millions to plunk down for a brief suborbital zero-g hop, and the dearth of activity or news in this department is a bit of a downer.

Still, renewing my faith to an old love, here's the Wikipedia space colonization entry. Also, this Slashdot post points to an explanation of the three purposes of space colonization.

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