April 16, 2005

So much for the US being a tolerant nation, eh?

The other day, we posted at Magpie about the efforts of a Christian-right coalition to paint Democrats who oppose Dubya's attmempt to ram reactionary fundamentalist judges down the throat of the US Senate as being 'against people of faith.' Below you can see some of the nice propaganda being used to promote the so-called Justice Sunday.

Fundamentalist propaganda

If you have the stomach to look at it all, you can find out more about 'Justice Sunday' here at the website of the Family Research Council, the group organizing the event.

Via The Next Left.

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It is WAY past time for lefties to stop trying to persuade the right wing kristian nutcases to "be tolerant." They are intolerant of women who want abortions, gays, etc but the left is supposed to stay quiet about how unbelievably kooky it is to believe there's a guy who lives in the sky who fathered a son named jesus by a virgin named mary.

We can continue to be tolerant and hope and pray that the right will be also or we can admit that we are in a war of words and ideas and it is time to start playing ball.

Posted by: deb at April 18, 2005 09:58 AM