April 03, 2005

Some of the News That's Fit to Blog

Over at MyDD, there's an interesting diary about having a 10,000 member House of Representatives, and Chris Bowers talks about the real swing issues. Also, Jerome Armstrong points to Chalmers Johnson's request that Americans wake up and take a look at the real international situation in which we find ourselves. Jerome expands on the possible economic consequences of our global indebtedness.

A little bit ago, Uggabugga suggested that China's US currency holdings aren't that big a deal, and that they don't even hold the most. However, among Japan, the UK, the Carribean banking centers, South Korea, and the other financial heavy hitters, there isn't another country with the combination of resources, population, land mass, and ambition of China. They're credible, direct competition in a way the others simply aren't, and they're actively pulling away our industrial infrastructure and manipulating our currency markets. I think it's valid to be concerned about them.

Alternet's Peek blog points us to an explanation of why the religious right doesn't care about environmental destruction.

At Eccentricity, Scorpio talks about a conversation with Republicans.

BlondeSense talks about outcry essays, what they call it when students use the essay portion of state assessment tests to report abuse or depression, and worries about what her students are going through.

William Gillis has an interesting post about anarcho-primitivism and the futility of the ELF. While I share his disdain for the idea that going 'back to the land' will fix everything, fringe groups like the ELF are marginal, and their views aren't even shared by a significant portion of the environmental community. The threat posed to the joys of a modern lifestyle, depending heavily on liberty and a stable infrastructure, are in far more danger from the right wing domestic terrorist groups that the Bush administration doesn't even seem to think are worth watching. ELF has torched a couple SUVs, and there's no broad social movement clamoring to join them. These other organizations have their bigotry and goals of social 'purity' broadcast at various levels through many channels to a growing and receptive audience. I know who I'm more worried about.

Jacqueline Passey went to the Norwescon blogging panel and reports back.

Riverbend is watching the American media, hat tip to the Sideshow. Avedon also continues to chronicle the ongoing disconnect from reality of the US government and the right wing opinionati.

From the dKos: The abstinence brigades are spreading lies on the federal dime, the International Energy Agency is recommending that governments develop an emergency oil plan, a diarist visited Freeperville and discovered a Schiavo mediated meltdown of consensus, a teacher gives educational assessment an 'F', and another diarist notes that the poor have higher rates of cancer.

New research indicates that autism may be related in some way to antioxidant deficiencies.

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