March 31, 2005

Prince Charles

I'm surely headed for the hot place for not being able to resist reading this article whose teaser I found so amusing. It's about some recent nastiness Prince Charles directed towards journalists when he didn't know the mikes were live (most likeable thing about the man I've heard yet), and titled Through Gritted Teeth. But the reason I'm pestering you, dear readers, with my momentary lapse of judgement is because I also couldn't resist sharing these fabulous lines with you:

... But the prince's ire seemed mostly directed at the normally inoffensive BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell, a man once known to his colleagues as the bionic carrot and hitherto most famous for sitting on a studio-invading lesbian demonstrator while he carried on reading the Six O'Clock News. ...

See! I told you it had to be shared. How come the British press is not only smarter than ours, they're more fun? It's really no fair.

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