March 31, 2005

To the Writing of Many Posts

Terri Schiavo died today, rest in peace, which will no doubt be very hard for all her family members and loved ones. I hope they all find some peace and grace in the days to come.

And to the cable talking heads who've made their shows unwatchable for a couple weeks now, I hope they all suffer the terrible agonies of a living hell while finding something else to fill an extra three hours of programming a night with.

Brilliant at Breakfast highlights the last days of some other people, not nearly as famous. She also discusses in-law politics and found a moral to the story: "If you're not ready to break up with your parents, don't get married. You can still be friends with them, and if you're lucky, they'll always be there for you. But when you marry, you make your OWN way with your spouse."

Over at Corrente, Riggsveda posts some information on how to set up a living will.

In other news:

Over at the Washington Monthly, Amy Sullivan talks about a teaching method that improves girls' math performance. In the post, she points to an article she wrote about how girls are socialized to keep quiet about their opinions, an attitude that carries through their adult life. Kevin Drum posts about global dimming, or the tendency for particulate pollution to decrease and obscure the effects of global warming by reflecting light and heat away from the surface.

I missed this story the other day, but Poetic Leanings is pretty ticked that the Air Force is treating rape like a traffic violation, and he points to Shakespeare's Sister talking about her own experience with date-rape, which was similarly trivialized at the time.

Echidne on age discrimination and, for laughs, Jewish Buddhism.

Information Week writes a nice, objective article about how internet music theft will probably survive the Supreme Court case between Grokster and the entertainment industry. Here's a good resource on intellectual property issues, this article talks about some of the conflicts IP creates with the intended goal of balancing private reward with public benefit, Lawrence Lessig posts an extended discussion on the goal of patent law in relation to the advancement of technology, and the commons blog is just a generally good source for all your IP related activist interests.

Jack K. over at Ruminate This tells us that Hillary Clinton has become an issue in, of all places, the Texas governor's race. Apparently, the Republican primary slugfest is centering around accusations that the other side is more friendly with the New York senator.

Avedon Carol is watching as the Secret Service investigates exclusion of locals from 'public' presidential events.

World: The three kidnapped Romanian journalists appear in a videotape made by their captors in Iraq. The fatality rate of Angola's Marburg epidemic is approaching 100%, with those not dead yet believed to be recent admissions. Spain and Venezuela sign defense and energy pacts. Indonesia comes out and admits that their response to the latest earthquake was slow, but they say they're improving things.

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