March 28, 2005

Go Look

While claiming that he doesn't want to imitate American-style politics, a Roman Catholic Cardinal suggests that permitting abortion in Britain hails back to Nazi eugenics. Oh yeah, that doesn't remind me at all of our own virtually insane creeps trying to pass themselves off as moralists following a god of love. Fortunately, the British can still fearlessly scoff at dogmatism without being presumed un-British.

Individual permalinks at Suburban Guerilla are bloggered, but her last two archives have plenty of good reading. From Christian denominations refusing to patronize the same charity services, to employees being denied lunch breaks, there's plenty to edify.

Sisyphus talks about the advocates of the 'culture of life', and brings us an excerpt from an article about a former senior Wehrmacht officer.

Through Al Gore's INdTV venture, a documentary about the life of youth in Iran is getting worldwide attention through a film contest. There are four days left to vote on the finalists. INdTV has also opened a citizen reporter assignment desk, as well, and will presumably be accepting submissions when they launch.

The head of India's largest oil company describes the possibility of an attack on Iran as "stupid."

Trish Wilson debunks the assertions that children without fathers do worse, and finds that more careful study of different familial categories find that parental incarceration and conflict at home are far more damaging to children than being fatherless.

Dwight Meredith on tort-happy Republicans.

World O'Crap finds an astonishing number of links about peeps, and also wished everyone a happy Easter. Good fun to be had.

Randroid claims that Social Security is immoral.

The Senate Task Force on Public Higher Education has called for a 6-8.5% increase in public higher education spending to build up the system. At this point, it would take quite a bit for many public institutions to even reach break-even, so help would be very welcome. I won't hold my breath, though.

Michael Moore is a liar. Except that the Bush administration did help Saudis leave the US after 9-11, so maybe he isn't.

The EU, particularly France and Germany, are arguing for lifting the arms embargo to China. Both the US and Japan are ticked the heck off, and quite rightly, I think. Too bad there isn't a powerful country with enough moral authority and diplomatic finesse to steer them away from such a decision.

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