March 27, 2005

Around the Web

Rampaging PMS explains in graphic and shocking terms why abortion must remain legal, and why that's consistent with valuing life.

Bitch PhD talks about depression and social criticism, and points to Katha Pollitt's explanation of why women 'don't try'.

Digby notes that Paul Wolfowitz' infidelity is just an echo of Bush Sr's own affairs. An interesting point I learned from a link in the post was that Linda Tripp was working in the White House during Poppy's tenure, and she was the one who outed the affair to the press, just as she did during the Clinton administration. Now explain to me how we could have a liberal media when the media was even more 'liberal' during 41's reign though hardly anyone heard about virtually identical shenanigans in the Oval.

Pulp Friction has some helpful suggestions for new laws Bush could enact. (Permalinks may be Bloggered, you may have to scroll down.)

The Sideshow points us to a case where the press lost its way, but notes that even in the fever pitch of the intro to the Iraq war, the Knight-Ridder Washington bureau acquitted itself admirably. Just a bit farther down, she has some must reads on the vastly funded right-wing conspiracy.

An anonymous caller threatened to blow up Al-Jazeera's Beirut bureau for the coverage of a bombing in that city.

The Motley Fool sees a chink in Google's armor.

The Daily Howler on the incompetence of Social Security reporting.

Like many other wingnut hypocrites, Tom Delay supported pulling the plug on his own father.

Elayne Riggs opens the last of the voting for her Estrogen Month highlights of female bloggers, who contrary to repeated speculation, exist in quantity.

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