March 23, 2005

Help John Bolton

I haven't been paying much attention to my email this last week, just having finished up with finals yesterday. So I just noticed an email in there with the title "Help John Bolton." I of course thought it was a joke, I mean, who the heck would send me something like that? As it turns out, it was sent in earnest, which is still pretty funny.

Remember our old friends at Move America Forward? They didn't go away after they failed to deep six Fahrenheit 9/11. For your reading pleasure:

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UPDATE from Howard Kaloogian and Melanie Morgan
Move America Forward
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Dear Friends,

We're sending you this message based on your recent interest in
international affairs and the United Nations.

While each of us may differ on our views regarding the U.N. - some
think it is a worthy organization that can be saved from its current
failures... others believe it is hopelessly broken - we can all agree
that now more than ever the United States needs a strong voice to
stand up for America's interests.

The man nominated to serve as the next U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.,
John Bolton, is a man of honor and accomplishment who will help to
clean up the corruption, fraud and anti-Americanism of the United
Nations. He's someone we can count on to stand up to Kofi Annan and
help clean up the U.N., all the way to the Secretariat's office.

You can join our effort to "Support John Bolton" by going online to
our website -

A direct link to the "Support John Bolton" campaign page can be found

We are pleased to report that over 10,000 people visited our "Support
John Bolton" page in just the first 24 hours we had it up. And the
campaign is growing stronger each day.

Read what the press is saying about the "Support John Bolton" campaign:

Later this week we will unveil the first TV commercial in our "Support
John Bolton" television ad campaign.

We're going to make sure that the American people join this effort to
do something about the problems that plague the United Nations.

This is a broad effort... conservatives who want to get rid of the
failed United Nations have joined with progressives who recognize that
the U.N. coddles nations that undermine the rights of women, gays,
lesbians, and the disabled.

Were the U.N. to have been left to its own devices, freedom would not
now be sweeping through the Middle East.

These are the type of issues we can count on John Bolton to address.
But only if he wins Senate confirmation.

Please - take action now. Go online to
and click the "Support John Bolton" button to find out how you can get

Sincerely Yours,

Howard Kaloogian
Melanie Morgan
Co-Chairman, Move America Forward

P.S. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to our "Get the U.N.
Out of the U.S." campaign. Your generous financial support will enable
us to purchase significant airtime on national television networks as
part of our "Support John Bolton" effort.

To be unsubscribed from the UN Mailing List mailing list simply click on the link below (redacted)

Note the quaint description of World Net Daily and Town Hall as "the press." How utterly adorable.

The other thing that we'd do well to read and weep is their note of how many page views their site got in the first 24 hours it was up. You can bet that it wasn't because people were typing relevant queries in a search engine and waiting by their PCs to finally find the One True Site that would lead them in a grassroots uprising to support Bush's choice for UN ambassador. Those sorts of numbers are the result of coordinated email campaigning and joint promotion through other avenues. There's MoveOn on our side, but they're far from being an integrated part of any liberal message machine, I guess mainly because there isn't such an animal.

Lastly, I haven't so much as clicked on their website since writing that post about them last year, so I don't know why this was in my inbox, but it sure gives me a few ideas... ;)

Posted by natasha at March 23, 2005 01:24 PM | Wingnuts | Technorati links |

This is too funny, natasha! I got this email too. I wondered what link they used to assume I was a rightwing nutcase, since I hadn't actually signed up for any rightwing campaigns that I knew of. Somehow it looks like PV has been invited to join the rightwing bloggers in combating the deadly liberals. Perhaps they used the same algorithms for finding common interests as Google ads?

Posted by: Mary at March 23, 2005 11:28 PM