March 22, 2005

David Horowitz Whines About Liberal Attacks

David Horowitz discovered that Billmon had ridiculed Horowitz' attempt to cleanse the academic world of unrepentant leftists. As Tom Tomorrow found, Horowitz is extremely unhappy with those leftists that had supported the revolution in the 60's and 70s.

Other equally at sea leftists, have linked the Billmon agit-prop and spread it across the net. Michael Berube recommends it as a “brilliant analysis” (even though it just a collection of paired quotes with a predictable graphic) and goes on to say that “[Billmon’s] brilliant analysis of the Contemporary Cultural Revolution is not only scholarly and erudite, but illustrated. (Well, yes, Michael it is.) The artistically talented but intellectually unhinged cartoonist Tommy Tomorrow affirms the judgment: “This is brilliant.”

Actually it’s quite stupid. The Cultural Revolution which took place in China in the 1960s (when Tommy Tomorrow and Michael Berube were campus radicals supporting the revolutionaries) was a massive political purge conducted by China's dictator, Mao Dzedong, who had turned against the course his appointed heirs had taken...

Ha-Ha. It's those nasty 60's radicals who are responsible for driving policial purges. Wonder who might have actually been a known radical then?

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Wow. I haven't read too much of Horowitz's work. I was expecting an articulate wingnut. Is his grammar usually this bad? Is his diction usually this sophomoric? I had more style than that in middle school.

Posted by: piny at March 22, 2005 01:41 PM