March 17, 2005

Plan B Approval Not Looking Up

Bush's new FDA chief isn't sure about Plan B:

...Democrats asked Crawford to update them on the status of an oral contraceptive application before they vote on his confirmation. The drug -- Plan B oral contraceptive -- is available with a prescription, but some senators say it should be available over-the-counter, as recommended by an FDA advisory committee. They said the agency has taken too long to review the application.

Crawford said the application was complex and unique, but declined to be more specific in public. He offered to discuss the issue privately with senators. He also said he expected a decision in weeks.

Also, Crawford says the FDA hasn't been tarnished by widespread concerns over the agency's review procedures and several findings that previously approved drugs pose newfound safety risks.

Buried deeply in the Bush administration mindset that, no, there's nothing to see here, move along, and unwilling to take a position on a drug that's been safely used for years all over the western world, I won't be holding my breath for something completely different.

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[sigh] For a culture that allegedly venerates the young we sure seem to make life hard for them.

Posted by: paradox at March 18, 2005 07:40 AM we do with everyone else, paradox

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