March 15, 2005

DeLay's Dilemma

Tom DeLay is well known as the Hammer of the House for his hard ball tactics. After all, it was DeLay that gave the Republicans their extra representatives via the off-season redistricting in Texas last year. Yet, when he is supposed to be at the peak of his power, things seem to be coming undone. The problem for DeLay is the same as that of all bullies who find themselves in bleeding in the sea with sharks. DeLay can command loyalty as long as he is invincible. But when those he has abused see he is not, it is open season for pulling him down from the throne.

Now cropping up are stories about Tom DeLay and the Ethics Committee, or to be more precise, the lack of an Ethics Committee, and the last round of changes designed to corrupt its workings. Being without an Ethics Committee, the members of the House cannot look into DeLay's problems which only makes them stand out more.

For Tom DeLay, whether or not the House has an Ethics Committee is probably moot, except that it would have been useful to whitewash his record. The bigger problem for him are new stories of his questionable ethics cropping up daily.

Watch for DeLay's problems to grow as more newspapers pick up the meme of the Institutional Corruption of the House of Representatives that is much worse than anything found under the Democrats when they were in power. Of course, the Democrats didn't have anyone like the Exterminator on their side when they were in power.

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Thanks -- we're launching a campaign to force DeLay to resign... See

Posted by: David Donnelly at March 15, 2005 08:13 AM

Don't they make something like insect spray for large bugs. He is definitely an unwanted pest, sort of like a overgrown, overblown stink bug-yuk
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