March 13, 2005

Notable Posts

She agrees the blogosphere is grand, yet Gail Davis would like to find a way to preserve the beauty of the world. And she fears that it might have to be via a Star Trek machine that could replay what was lost. (scroll down to the March 11th post) By the way, you owe it to yourself to view Gail's photos to see what it is she wishes to preserve. Her Arizona landscapes are magnificent.

What is it about these days when the labels no longer work to define our politics? Ron Beasley wonders how he finds himself to the left of the Democratic party when not too long ago he was a moderate independent, and he hasn't moved at all. I'd say that these days when one pays attention to the current trends, one is very worried about the consequences. Too many people, including our elected representatives haven't realized the water is coming to a boil and so they continue to try to get along, act like things are still normal and believe that the pendulum will be swinging back very soon. Unfortunately, there is another ending to the swinging of a pendulum, and that is to have such an extreme oscillation that the whole thing collapses around us. If you watch things too closely, like Ron does (and like I do), it appears that the catastrophic ending is more likely than the easy swinging back to the center.

Now for a bit of humor.

Giblets and Fafnir get White House press passes. Giblets claims the lost Gannon role by boldly denoucing the traitorous liberal university professors in the best Horowitz tradition and, boy, Scotty is happy to roll with it.

Now there is a great antidote to the Horowitz DiscoverTheNetwork smear of liberals: the great DiscoverTheNutwork. Heh. (via the irrepressible Bérubé)

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