March 08, 2005

Bankruptcy in the House

Though I was pleased to see that WA Senators Cantwell and Murray voted against the bankruptcy bill, apparently it's never too late to get nasty surprises in legislative matters. This dKos diary alerts readers to a a letter signed by House Democrats urging the Speaker to bring this atrocity to the floor.

And on the list of the undersigned I was shocked to find the name of Congressman Jay Inslee (WA 8), usually one of my favorite legislators. Unlike some of the other legislators on the list, it would be hard to mistake Inslee for a Republican.

If you're in his district, or live in the state, please contact Congressman Inslee and explain to his staff why you oppose the bankruptcy bill. And again, Inslee is one of the good guys, imo. He can probably be brought around with some polite persistence.

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