March 04, 2005

Worth Reading

At dKos, the descendants of two holocaust survivors whose grandfathers met at Auschwitz meet through the Daily Kos diaries. Also, Bush's global abortion agenda.

Corrente: Look at how your representatives voted on the bankruptcy bill and ask yourself whose side they're on. Here's more about who's declaring bankruptcy.

Hullaballoo: Digby takes a pin to the balloon fantasy that blue staters look down on Southerners as a matter of course (how many of them have we nominated now?), and points out that instead, Southerners dislike people who don't act like them and take our non-imitation of their ways as a personal insult. He further comments on Ezra Klein's post regarding the torture and murder of detainees in Afghanistan.

Head on over to the Sideshow, and don't stop until you get to the links on the horrors of the bankruptcy bill and a Senate that won't even move to cap consumer interest at 30%.

Seeing the Forest: Bush's 2018 Social Security fixation, and what it takes to make marketing work for you. Also, we get pointed over to Social Edge's coverage of the global philanthropy forum.

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