March 03, 2005

Good Reading

Max Blumenthal with some fun facts on Christian charities.

MyDD diarist Leutisha Stills reports on the State of the Black Union. A diarist from Santa Rosa, California reports on the marked doors of 'liberal' professors at the local university.

Bill Scher says that if we'd like to see a candidate who'll run on progressive issues in 2008, the time for infighting is right now.

Democracy Now: Abu Ghraib-style abuse was caught on video in Brooklyn, where detainees of the initial post-9/11 sweep were held. Most were charged with no more than visa violations. If you were hoping that more people would be prosecuted in connection with the systematic abuse of US prisoners, the privatization of interrogation will put a serious crimp in those desires. Also, here's a retrospective of the Haitian coup, the continued violence in the country, and a report on the Haitian police force opening fire on a peaceful, pro-Aristide demonstration.

Seeing the Forest pointed to the Carpetbagger Report's discovery that the press has virtually ignored a US Congressman calling twice for nuclear strikes on Syria without being concerned about any specific provocation.

In spite of Chairman Greenspan's Bush-friendly testimony this Wednesday, his last congressional testimony wasn't as enthusiastic about privatization. These guys really do know where all the bodies are buried. The Angry Bear demolishes Greenspan's tax agenda.

Ampersand posts about discrimination against pregnant women, and has amassed a great sampling of posts, including this aptly described great rant about what happens to creative high school students in Kentucky.

At Pandagon, Amanda talks about social conditioning by gender in responce to the Larry Summers comments as well as a Texas bill that would allow pharmacists to refuse to prescribe birth control or the morning-after pill, and Lindsay punctures several popular myths about Terri Schiavo.

At the Next Hurrah, DHinMI wonders why Dean won't talk to the press, Trapper John talks about the perils of 36 hour hospital shifts, and JamesB3 notes that gay rights are so uncontroversial that even Republicans are coming around.

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