March 03, 2005

Compassionate Conservative Shocked by Frank Luntz

In 2004, Dr. Bob Johnson ran for Congress because he believed that he could help make things better including acheiving that goal of Health Care for every American without bankrupting the country. Like many of his fellow doctors, Dr. Johnson had always been a Republican - that is until he encountered the radicals that have taken over his party.

As a truly compassionate conservative, Dr. Johnson left the Republican Party because he could no longer find compassion or conservatism there. He ran for Congress not to take a job or pursue any party's limited interests, but to follow a calling for public service.

Recently he was introduced to the work of Frank Luntz and it shocked him. He never knew the type of Orwellian doublespeak was being used to sell the Republican party to the American public.

This past week I was sent to the Frank Luntzís playbook for the 2006 election (download it here). Until this week I had never heard of Frank Luntz. He is a political analyst and strategist who is utilized by the Republican party to, in a word, win elections. One would think that if you were going to engage in dishonesty and substitute euphemism for reality that you would go to great lengths to hide it. No longer. I suppose the American public is so numbed by the lies that it is perfectly acceptable to make it public. They obviously fall back on one of logicís great paradoxes: can you believe a liar who says heís a liar?

Itís no less than Machiavellian. In my first essay I alluded to Orwellís 1984 with Big Brother and Newspeak. This is it! The playbook is circulated to all the Republican congressman and senators who are up for re-election in 2006.

This makes one think: how many of those who are elected to represent their districts encounter the Orwellian and frankly undemocratic machine used to fuse the party into a gigantic political Borg? We need to make sure that more Americans know about Frank Luntz and what deal with the devil the Republicans have made on their climb to power. It might shock more than just a few innocents.

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