February 24, 2005

Odds and Ends

Digby makes a curious observation:

...Like I said before, there is something very strange going on in rightwingland. The more power they have the madder they get. ...

On dKos, Stirling Newberry writes about Rove's Republic, and Steven D writes about the very secretive people who lurk in the shadows of the Republican message machine. Also, Kos points to Tom Tomorrow's comic take on how to argue like a Republican.

A European space probe appears to have spotted a large, frozen sea on Mars. This news is especially interesting in light of a bacteria-laden sample of Alaskan permafrost in which microorganisms frozen for 30,000 years immediately began swimming around again as soon as they thawed out.

Pharyngula reviews the evolutionary origin of the jaw, courtesy Panda's Thumb.

Guardian: A researcher claims that cannabis can prevent memory loss, and wouldn't that be the most ironic scientific finding ever? Ancient, submerged mangrove forests buried beneath a coral reef may indicate that climate change might happen very quickly. Thirtysomethings in Britain are increasingly dissatisfied with the career culture.

James Maclean reviews Bush's trip to Europe, and adds another installment to a series on private sector imperialism.

If you haven't yet, do read the Koufax Awards' winner of best post for 2004, Juan Cole's what if America were Iraq, where the professor relates the situation in Iraq to life in the US. For more from Juan Cole, you can read the transcript of his interview on Democracy Now, aired this Wednesday, on the subject of the Iraqi elections.

In other news, another car bomb in Tikrit has killed at least 15. The bomber was targeting a police station.

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Re the more power / more angry thing, you might check out Stoller's recent post on BOPNews.

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