February 23, 2005

No Drilling in ANWR

With a second Bush term, the oil and gas industries expect to see ANWR opened up for drilling. Their friends in the congress are planning to push through this law without the American public being aware until it is too late to stop it. In fact, they are planning to attach an amendment opening ANWR to drilling to a must pass budget bill where they won't have to worry about getting sixty votes to back the legislation.

It you care about this beautiful and precious pristine landscape, let your representives know that you need them to stop this sneak attack. For more information, visit the Wilderness Society action center where they can help you find and contact your representative.

Meanwhile, the governor of Alaska is threatening to sell ANWR oil leases even if Congress doesn't pass legislation approving drilling in ANWR. He believes that Alaska can do this because they can sell the offshore drilling rights to companies for excavation without waiting for permission from Congress.

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the place they would drill is not beautiful, so quite saying they going to ruin some lush forest. get the facts before you talk

Posted by: joe at March 2, 2005 12:44 PM