February 21, 2005

News Bites

Goldy at Horses' Ass actually took the time to talk to King County election officials about the ballot reconciliation and explains how it was conducted. Just in case anyone who's still raving about fraud in the governor's race was interested in finding out how things were actually handled.

Preemptive Karma shared her notes on the foreign policy debate between Howard Dean and Richard Perle a couple days ago, which I appreciated because I didn't get a chance to watch it.

Sturm and Drang: The conflict in Iraq has tallied up 22 more deaths and a kidnapping (that we know of), prompting Italy to call yet again for its journalists to leave. Three are dead in California from mudslides caused by torrential rain. In Kashmir, 110 are dead in an avalanche. In Iran, 80 are dead in a magnitude 6.4 earthquake.

The Scrivener shares a friend's results from the 123:5 game, where you write down the 5th sentence on the 123rd page of the nearest book. Her friend tried this... several times.

Talk Left says sex offender treatment works, and that not only does the government insist that their evidence can be secret, but that legal arguments can be secret also.

Avedon at the Sideshow is still tirelessly scouring the internet for informative articles about lead poisoning, the latest attempt to 'frame' Howard Dean, and what's happening in Lebanon, among many others.

Avedon also found this post which I'm compelled to link to directly, David Podvin explaining why Senate Democrats are like a Who's Who of Who Sucks. Read it and weep. - "...Democratic senators are not evil – Orrin Hatch is evil – but they are unwilling to combat evil, which in politics is arguably a distinction without a difference. ..." He also proposes a remedy, which immediately made me think, for no particular reason at all, of Washington Senator Maria Cantwell.

Over at BOPnews, Shaula Evans started a discussion on blogging and local politics.

Suburban Guerrilla points up an article on Amway's shady right wing ties, notes that Camilla won't be welcome at the White House, finds that it hasn't even taken 90 days for Kevin Drum to again ponder aloud why no women blog (!??), and sends us to the Rude Pundit's eulogy for Hunter S. Thompson which has several good links.

Rox Populi has even more Hunter S. Thompson links.

"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up." - Hunter S. Thompson

Posted by natasha at February 21, 2005 09:24 PM | Recommended Reading | Technorati links |

Re: the Who's Who, it might also have been titled "It's hard not to suck when sucking is the goal".

As somebody that donated around $1500 during the last election, all I can say is that I'm glad I never gave anything to John Kerry directly. I gave to Kucinich, to Dean, to MoveOn for their stuff over and over, then to Dean-for-Kerry, and then to MoveOn-for-Kerry. Somewhere in this process, I turned into an ATM machine, and they were hittin' me every couple of days. Maybe in the closing days, I might have given something to Kerry directly, but it would only have been a fifty-dollar oversight. (I've never sent a cent to Murray or Cantwell.)

Unlike the person in the famous cliche, I didn't get a lousy T-Shirt, but I did get an "Exclusive Pre-Approved" request to (drum roll): HELP SUPPORT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY WITH THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY VISA® PLATINUM CARD! (rim shot)

Back in the days of McAuliffe, I would have thrown this away unopened. Right now, I'm keeping it, unopened.

Posted by: Phil K at February 22, 2005 08:11 AM

Well, huh. I like Murray, she's usually a good egg. Voted no on Iraq, the bankruptcy measure, and a few other Bush administration horrors. All in all, I think she's one of the few senators I wouldn't include on the spinal transplant waiting list. Also, she does good blog, having had the good sense to hire a super active local Deaniac to manage the thing.

Cantwell, otoh, is a recurring disappointment in just about every case, with the exception of supporting alternative energy. A virtue, which I note ruefully, that will hardly be put to the test while the Republicans control all three branches of government.

Posted by: natasha at February 22, 2005 11:55 PM

Although I'm not a huge Murray fan, I won't say anything bad about her right now. I guess I sort of make a mental note that, every time she does something good (like vote against Bush's Iraq Resolution), she's earned a period of exemption from criticism by me for lesser stuff (eg., Gonzalez). Right now, she has several exemptions backed-up -- I won't be saying anything bad about her for 15, 18 months or so.

I remember giving Cantwell a similar exemption once, but it was so long ago I can't remember what the issue was.

Posted by: Phil K at February 23, 2005 06:49 AM