February 17, 2005

Get Good Blog

Aaron Brown was on a bit ago interviewing a model about the very newsworthy topic of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (TM). I switched to Headline News, only to get a big earful of the anchorcritter begging me to listen on for an interview with a star from the new movie Constantine. If you've also had it with the 'serious journalists' and can't wait until Jon Stewart starts a 24 hour fake news network, check out these posts:

Atrios has a roundup of commentary on Gannongate, including a link to the wickedly funny Daily Show take on the whole sordid mess.

TalkLeft on the detainee blinded with pepper spray at Guantanamo, and more on the torture at Bagram.

Al-Muhajabah points to the efforts of some Islamic scholars to correct the beliefs of Islamic militants, and some Tanzanians who are trying to institute Islamic environmentalism.

A dKos diarist talks about the situation of women in Iraq, which unsurprisingly is getting worse.

Steve Gilliard: The military is passing the buck on mental health care for shellshocked soldiers.

At MyDD, Chris Bowers runs down all the various reasons given for the war in their multitudinous glory, and follows up with a reminder of administration's news propaganda efforts.

Daily Howler asks how many trillions will it cost to dismantle Social Security?

SouthKnoxBubba says air pollution is bad for business.

Hesiod at the American Street talks about our man in Uzbekistan.

How to Save the World on the most important ideas of 2004 in politics and society.

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I agree, the Jon Stewart's take on blogging and the news was wickedly funny. Although when I was reading it on Atrios, the hosting site had removed the link to the segment. I found another copy at The Sideshow.

Posted by: Mary at February 18, 2005 06:26 AM

Aaron Brown's NewsNight has taken a turn for the worse lately. Ever since he went away from "The Whip" that started out his show, it has become a news magazine and too often focuses on soft "news". Which is too bad as I used to look to it as a news recap at 10pm (the repeat time) of the major stories before leading into Charlie Rose at 11pm.

Posted by: Daniel K at February 18, 2005 10:51 AM