February 05, 2005

A Little of This and That

Juan Cole's takedown of Johan Goldberg, the scion of Lucianne Goldberg, was as fine of a putdown as I have seen. Go, Juan Cole, go!

Josh Marshall's series on Social Security will certainly be one of the top best series in next year's Koufax awards. Today's entry is really a work of art.

Have you been keeping up with Eric Alterman's altercation with Jeff Jarvis? It turns out that Javis who thinks he's the defender of all that is virtuous about our country, has decided that Eric has committed blood libel by speculating that the CIA could be behind some of the pro-Bush blogs in Iraq. As Eric says, he is rather an expert on the CIA, having done some indepth investigations on the agency for years, so he might have something to say on this matter. And why would one be surprised when you see that the Pentagon is planting blogs in foreign countries to sell the Bush side of the story? (via Oliver Willis) After all this is the same government that paid Chalabi to plant stories in the foreign press to sell the Iraq War.

You've probably seen the great picture with the baby who "thanks" Bush for the $36,000 birth tax. This is just one of the really fine graphics that Jordan of the Free Speech Zone has created. Go look at what else he has come up with here.

Visit Mahablog to see her take on the Bush deal.

And please let the folk at the Pacific Northwest Portal if you have a blog in Washington, Oregon or Idaho and you'd like to have your blog listed there. It's a great one stop shop for NW progressive thought.

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