February 03, 2005

Why We Oppose Alberto Gonzales

Dkos' Hunter tells us what is involved if Alberto Gonzales is confirmed straight from the month of one of the architects of the Bush torture policy.

"People who wanted a public discussion of this issue of interrogation methods have had it, for almost a year now," said John Yoo, a UC Berkeley law professor who played a key role in helping craft the administration's policies on torture when he was a Justice Department official from 2001 to 2003.

"There has been debate, press leaks, hearings. Sen. (John) Kerry could have attacked President Bush on torture during the election campaign, but in fact, he tried to outflank the president on the right on terrorism. Congress could have expanded the statute on terrorism to tighten interrogation rules, but it hasn't. The election and the confirmation of Gonzales are a sign of general support of the administration's anti-terrorism policies, which include interrogation and the Patriot Act."

Yes, if Alberto Gonzales is confirmed, then the American public will have formally approved every aspect of this obscene policy. Because as we found out after the election, when you let that accountablity moment pass, you own it.

Call your Senators and make sure to let John McCain know that he too should be clear on what this vote says.

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