January 24, 2005

Straight to Hell

Mississippi is going to hell in a handbasket because they have done their best to deny reproductive freedom while neglecting the poor and downtrodden. As you can imagine, they rank last in measures of child welfare, and first in measures such as teen pregnancy.

Because I would be very sad if any of my readers followed Mississippi into hell, I beg you to read the Word of Zeus and be saved. (Thanks to Pagan Prattle)

Chris Bowers at MyDD finds a history of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), also known as the people sending the Democratic party straight to hell, or oblivion, or possibly the Mercatur Center. Anyway, there must be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth wherever the Democrats are, which is the only possible explanation that could prompt them to think that their problems would be solved by releasing more policy papers. Call me up with your new policies when a DCCC member can pitch one of them in under a minute without prompting the audience to drop into a coma.

Alberto Gonzales, one of the people whose sticky fingers were all over the Abu Ghraib mess that consigned many Iraqi prisoners to hell on earth, will have his nomination opposed by the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund and a growing list of others.

Billmon (welcome back!) notes that our president, a fan of the big lie, hate rallies, and of resurrecting Salvadoran style death squads, celebrated his inauguration in a fashion reminiscent of Caligula. If there really is a hell, acting like Caligula must be a surefire way to get sent there. In addition to reading and taking to heart the words of Zeus, readers are encouraged not to act like Caligula. Or Bush.

Prometheus 6 discovers why our scientific leadership and education is going straight to hell.

For those of you who may be disturbed by the idea of so much and so many going straight to hell, Lauryn at Feministing recommends an activists' primer for those who would like to do something about it.

Finally, is it just me, or have my post titles taken a dramatic turn for the morbid lately? I need to get more sleep.

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