January 15, 2005

Clues Out Of Fashion In DC

I saw a priceless Fox News headline on Google News just before shutting off this infernal box (I should really get a different homepage), and just had to share it...

Bush Unfazed by Criticism of Iraq WMD Hunt

Well, of course he's unfazed. He'll never have to face any consequences as long as he gets this kind of press:

...FOX News contributor and Washington Times reporter Bill Sammon said Bush is also good at not letting the press get the better of him by drawing him into their traps, especially ones set by the White House press corps seeking for him to admit he was wrong about weapons in Iraq.

"There was sort of a little obsession about, 'Let's get the president to admit he made a mistake.' And he just wasn't interested in it," Sammon said. ...

I think Jon Stewart explained the president pretty well last Wednesday when he said, "...Our president is living in The Truman Show. Nothing happens around him that isn't pre-planned. I'm not even sure he knows we're out here watching."

Let's go one better. Not only is the president living in The Truman Show, he's aided and abetted by a press corps that perpetuate the feeling that we're all living in a video game. Maybe they think this is Sim City, The Political Machine, Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr, or maybe even Grand Theft Auto, because you can never tell what's going on in their tweaked little heads. There's no other explanation for a supposedly serious professional portraying the issue of executive accountability as a cat-and-mouse game to get Bush to 'admit things.' Fox took the issue so seriously in this article that the only opposition voices or "critics" named are Ted Kennedy and Dennis Kucinich, two people they know their core readership will disregard at once.

For Sammon, as you can read in his extended comments, the issue of whether the president lied about matters over which tens of thousands of lives have been lost is just another excuse to plug the book of a right wing hack who still believes in the liberal media. And not just any book, but one that Bush waved around in front of the press corps. It's probably too much to hope that he actually read it. At this point, it would really just be nice to know that he was taking an interest in anything.

The article also quotes Cheney relating an insulting comment about himself that he heard on the Imus show, awww, and closes with Bush talking about how mad it makes him when people attack his dad. (Dude, the whole world knows how mad you get when people attack your dad. You've been the winner of the Inigo Montoya memorial bluster award two years running for a reason.) Indeed, the last third of the article is a portrait of a brave struggle to stand up to biased and relentless attack from a shadowy press corps that he refuses to be cowed by in his duty to be an optimistic and inspiring leader. Indeed, by the time you finish reading the thing, you could almost forget that it's ostensibly about the search for WMDs.

Does this work if you aren't the president? Will relentless pluck and feistiness convince my credit card company to stop 'attacking' me with these hurtful allegations that I owe them money just because I used my card? Is it my fault if my brother-in-law's cousin's uncle's best friend swore to me on his honor that they wouldn't really send me a bill? They have to understand that I was just promoting an active consumption policy with the goal of creating a more peaceful and free life for myself. They're either with me or against me. Why does VISA hate my freedom?

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No, your bill will have to be paid.

Bush's bill does, too.

But while you must pay yours, we and the other people of the world have to pay his, whether he admits to racking it up or not.

I just really wish he'd quit running up the tab.

Posted by: Patrick at January 15, 2005 08:20 AM

The upcoming Iraqi election means little more than a photo-op to our Fuhrer, an historic milepost, Heil Bushler, and the point at which all Iraqi news can be dismissed; Mission Successful. "Iraki who? Is them like that other place, whatsitcalled, Oylgasistan, or somethin? Jesus told me it's all flowers n' candy n' cuddly puppies there now. Jesus hates gays."

Posted by: Artie at January 15, 2005 05:21 PM