January 15, 2005

MyDD, Kos & Dean

Story so far: Zephyr Teachout of the Dean campaign blog said something both ridiculous and grossly irresponsible, namely that she was involved in trying to buy bloggers, that certain media hacks have been using to suggest that the Armstrong Williams payola scandal is no big deal.

That's right. Williams secretly getting federal money to hawk government policy, a federal crime, is according to some the equivalent of Markos Moulitsas and Jerome Armstrong publicly disclosing that they were doing technical consulting for the Dean campaign, which isn't even unethical. Jerome put MyDD on hiatus for the duration, though he had been a Dean supporter long before he was hired by the campaign. Kos put up a disclaimer and routinely employed guest bloggers who didn't support Dean, without giving them any direction regarding choice of candidate, and allowing vigorous debate in the comments.

Williams took taxpayer dollars to disseminate government propaganda without letting anyone know. This is a simple story, but considering how much the media seems to have it in for blogging, they couldn't be bothered to get their facts straight, and in some cases just made stuff up. DavidNYC has a handy comparison chart up though, so there's really no excuse to remain confused.

Kos has a good roundup of pathetic media hackery, followed by a list of all the news outlets who were fully aware of the consulting relationship with the Dean campaign right as it happened. He's even got some prize quotes from Hugh Hewitt and Bill O'Reilly, two guys who are always good for a laugh.

Judy Woodruff at least wasn't entirely asleep at the switch, but was so scarce on facts that viewers could think there was presently no way to determine the truth of the matter:

..."The Wall Street Journal," meanwhile, reports the Dean presidential campaign last year hired two Internet bloggers as consultants as a way to get positive spin about Dean onto their online journals. One of the blogs, Daily Kos, is among the most linked blogs on the Internet. A Dean campaign spokeswoman says the deals were not unethical because both bloggers disclosed their connections to the Dean campaign. ...

Finally, as a totally gratuitous link for your entertainment, a quote from an Ann Coulter interview with Hannity & Colmes:

COULTER: Right. It's rule number three. You must outrage the enemy. If you don't leave liberals in a sputtering impotent rage, you're not doing it right.

You have to read the book. No, I mean, the way Republicans and conservatives have fought, basically, up until, you know, 10 minutes ago, was to concede, you know, all the liberals' points. Maybe say, oh, we have a little caveat here, and, oh, please like us, and we're not anti-Semitic. I mean, every week Bill Buckley was running another National Review (search) on conservatives are not anti-Semitic.

Why are we being defensive? We should be on the offense. ...

Anyone else inspired to wake up in the morning wondering how to leave a conservative in a sputtering impotent rage? Apparently, DailyKos and MyDD have figured that out already or they wouldn't be getting this much flak.

Update: Digby explains that Chris Suellentrop is full of ****, and a sloppy observer besides if he hasn't noticed that the right wing has been doing for years what he falsely accuses Markos and Jerome of doing. Atrios finds August of Xoverboard saying that the conservatives are only in it to win, not to make sense, be truthful, or any of that crap. Dean for America's Leslie Gross refutes the original WSJ story, as do Joe Trippi and Mathew Gross.

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maybe a way to leave them sputtering is to just live your life. It appears to be beyond most conservative's ken to allow that to happen.

Posted by: bruce in oz at January 15, 2005 04:12 AM