January 14, 2005

It looks pretty clear ...

that Armstrong Williams wasn't the only pundit or reporter paid to tout Dubya's policies in their written or on-air work.

As you'll recall, a Freedom of Information Act request by USA Today uncovered documents showing a US $240,000 payment to Williams to conduct periodic interviews with Education Secretary Rod Paige and for Williams to use his influence with black journalist to gain favorable coverage for Dubya's 'No Child Left Behind' education 'reforms.'

Today, the Washington Post quotes Paige as calling the arrangement with Williams 'a standard "outreach effort" to minority groups who stand to benefit most from the Bush administration's showcase education program.'

If this was a 'standard' arrangement, who else did the Education Department pay off? And do other parts of Dubya's government have similar 'standard' arrangements with other pundits and reporters? As we said before, inquiring magpies want to know.

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