December 27, 2004

A Few Recommendations

Maha reflects on what type of society our forefathers wanted and why we should too.

Melanie has brought to our attention a couple articles that are necessary reads. Our prisons have become the equivalent of the military-industrial society and are becoming just as entrenched in our states making reform a very hard sell even in the case of the draconian drug laws. The latest torture memos liberated by the ACLU have confirmed that what happened at Abu Ghraib was not simply the work of a few bad apples.

And the Decembrist points to an article about the corrupt practices of Jack Abramoff, a longtime friend of Norquist, Reed, Rove and Atwater from when they took over the College Republicans.

After graduation they launched a campaign to take over a sleepy, Washington-based subsidiary of the Republican National Committee called College Republicans. Abramoff spent $10,000 of personal money winning the chairmanship. With Norquist as executive director, he transformed CR into a "right-wing version of a communist cell--complete with purges of in-house dissenters and covert missions to destroy the enemy left," as Nina Easton puts it in her useful history, Gang of Five.

As Mark Schmidt says, it is wrong to say that what Abramoff has done is another example of business as usual and Democrats are just as bad.

Nor is there anything in this story to support the idea that something changed between 1995 and today, that an idealistic dream became corrupted. This kind of corruption was built into the Gingrich/DeLay/Norquist/Rove/Abramoff/Ney syndicate from the very beginning, and it got worse only as its ability to exercise power grew unchecked.

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