December 22, 2004

DNC Chair Action

Even though the GOP isn't all on board with privatizing Social Security, both the House and Senate Democratic leaders now appear to be backing Tim Roemer, a Social Security privatization supporter to the DNC Chair position.

Social Security privatization is an important issue for the Democratic party to hold the line on, and it would be a disaster to even symbolically cave by electing a privatization supporter to head the DNC. Tell the House & Senate Democratic Leaders that you're paying attention, and encourage your Democratic representatives (should you be lucky enough to have any) to oppose this. If you don't have any Democratic representation in Congress, emphasize this when you contact the Democratic leadership, because for you, they're it.

I doubt any of them are used to having constituents care who runs the DNC, especially to be paying attention to something like this during the holiday season. So please help make an impression on them this week by acting as soon as possible.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi's DC Office:
2371 Rayburn HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Tel: (202) 225-4965
Fax: (202) 225-8259

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid's DC Office:
528 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-3542 / Fax: 202-224-7327
Email form

Then go to where you can either send an email (free) or a hand-delivered letter (small fee) to your congressperson and both senators either separately or at the same time as you prefer. I recommend previewing before sending.

My own letter to Senators Murray and Cantwell and Representative Jay Inslee is below the fold for your reading entertainment:

I read with dismay today that both the House and Senate Democratic Leaders may be intending to support Tim Roemer for the position of DNC chair. In this time when it's so critical for Democrats to show strength by being an opposition party, Roemer supports Social Security privatization, one of the most crucial issues for our party to oppose strongly.

I believe a reform candidate with proven ability to work with the grassroots and the intention to contest elections in every state, such as Simon Rosenberg or Howard Dean, would be far more suitable. But even if you disagree with these choices, supporting a privatization advocate for chair, should he win, will prove disastrous for the party. I'm very fortunate to live in Jay Inslee's district, and to be represented in the Senate by Senators Murray and Cantwell, but my support for particular candidates outside the state will go only to those explicitly supported by citizens' groups like MoveOn and Democracy For America if the DNC takes such a wrong turn.

The Republicans have been rewarded for their own 'obstructionism' with control of all three branches of government. They managed to kill Clinton's health care proposal with minorities in both the House and Senate through well-coordinated opposition. They have proven to the American people that they can fight this country's enemies because they've been so effective, organized, and ruthless in fighting Democrats and progressives.

If the Democratic leadership doesn't demonstrate at once that they care more about fighting hard for the concerns of their base than elevating their status quo acquaintances to positions of influence, it will be the end of the party as we've known it. Not that there's much left to lose. I'm tired of corporate interests winning over public interests. I'm tired of conciliatory flaks that are on the take from corporations who oppose Democratic policies in the off-season being put in charge of Democratic campaigns after losing time and time again. I'm tired of being told that the base of the Democratic party, those of us who support equality, a social safety net, worker protections, and a firm line on the rights of women, are the problem.

We aren't the problem. Leaders who are unwilling to stand up and say they're proud to defend the traditions of our party are the problem. Please stand with your constituents as part of the solution, and help convince the DNC and party leadership that we can't fall back on defending Social Security even symbolically through our choice of DNC chair. Please continue to make me proud to have voted for you.

Kind regards,

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The wild card in Bush's entire domestic policy is Iraq.

His lack of credibility in Iraq will adversely impact his credibility on domestic issues even among members of his own party. With the potential that Iraq will have a negative impact on the Republican's political fortunes they will be less than enthusiastic about taking on other potentially divisive issues."
From a post I did today on this New York Times editorial.

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