December 22, 2004

It's almost two months since Washington's election ...

and the state still doesn't know who its next governor is.

But things may have gotten a lot clearer today as the state Supreme Court has ordered that 723 recently discovered ballots be counted. Those ballots come from King County, which is heavily Democratic.

Currently, unofficial results of the hand recount have Democrat Christine Gregoire beating Republican Dino Rossi by 8 votes. This reverses the results of the machine tally, which gave Rossi a 42-vote lead.

If the King County ballots give the win to Gregoire, it's unlikely that the continuing story of the gubernatorial election is over. The Washington GOP will likely go to court to try to get more ballots counted in other counties, with the hope that the election results can be reversed one more time.

More:  We just looked at the most recent version of the AP story we linked to above, and this quote really sticks out:

"I don't think anyone will view Christine Gregoire as the legitimate governor" if she wins by a tiny margin in King County or because of the Supreme Court ruling, Rossi spokeswoman Mary Lane said Wednesday, before the court ruling was handed down. Republicans are already preparing to challenge the election results in court if Rossi loses.

"We're keeping all of our options open," Lane said.

So Gregoire's claim to the governor's chair as a result of a hand recount would be illegitimate, but Rossi's claim to be governor after the machine recount was just fine? The hyprocrisy here is breathtaking.

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Democratic candidate Christine Gregoire put together a string of victories Wednesday against Republican Dino Rossi. The race, which still isn't over, has been extremely close.

Permanent Defense: King County reported +59 votes for Gregoire, giving Gregoire the overall lead in the statewide manual recount by 10 votes. This does not count the 725 ballots the Supreme Court said can be counted.

The especially good news about all of this is it shows Democrats are willing to stand and fight. We won't be intimidated by the GOP....No more stolen elections! Christine Gregoire has held on for almost two months now - and we believe she will emerge from this as our state's Governor.

Posted by: John D at December 22, 2004 09:33 PM

To play Devil's Advocate here, Republicans are claiming that the vote counters in King County were counting very suspicious ballots for Gregoire. In one case they cite, they counted a write-in for Christine Rossi as a vote for Gregoire. I'm not sure the basis for some of these claims, but I do want to know who's counting the votes and what oversight there is.

Posted by: thehim at December 22, 2004 09:44 PM


Even if it wasn't the case that every single ballot was inspected by a Republican, a Democrat, and a county official (if not more people than that), the "Christine Rossi" schtick has been debunked by someone who was there.

The same guy also posted a lengthy piece on King County recount procedures. To say nothing of the Seattle Times column extolling the county's process.

Posted by: N in Seattle at December 22, 2004 10:31 PM