December 21, 2004

More Republican 'Morals'

Turns out that the approval for torture in places like Abu Ghraib originated with an executive order from Bush. WWJD?

More lying and obfuscation on Social Security.

One of the few cabinet secretaries to stay on is Elaine Chao, Labor Secretary, who's emblematic of the administration's active efforts to decrease worker pay and protection while they cosset the well-off.

The party of family values is now presiding over rapidly expanding time poverty among working adults that leaves far less time to spend with families. How involved can parents be with their children when in many families they face a choice between feeding and clothing their kids or getting to spend time with them? Click over to read how the US compares with other countries on family leave, vacation, and sick leave.

Republicans rail against gay marriage, but the lowest divorce rates in the country are in Massachusetts and Vermont. The highest divorce rates, along with the highest teen pregnancy rates, are in so-called Bible Belt states that went to Bush.

After wrapping themselves in the flag, Republicans are happy to slip off for some vote fraud and illegal campaign contributions.

The GOP happily decries smut and the coarsening of society in public, as they manage far too successfully to pin the decline of the west entirely on Democrats. But in private, they don't mind taking money from smut peddlers.

Both Presidents Bush and other prominent GOP members are cooperating with the Rev. Sun Myung Moon to encourage African American pastors to take down the cross at their churches with the goal of spreading the ideals of Moon's Unification Church which openly aims to become a state religion.

The Bush crowd loves the troops, but not enough to pay for them to call home when they're serving in Iraq or recovering in a military hospital far from their families. You can help by sending them phone cards so they can speak with their loved ones over the holidays.

Posted by natasha at December 21, 2004 01:26 PM | US Politics | Technorati links |

These are such weird groups, ACLC, IIFWP, AKA the Moonies. It amazes me all the freaks that are actually behind the Bush administration. They are a conspiracy theorist's dream (and nightmare). The more the light is exposed on these shady poli-religious groups, the more you see them scatter and misdirect like cockroaches.

Posted by: TABS at December 21, 2004 02:41 PM

And don't forget the Bush administration's reneging on $100 million of promises for aid to world food charities. There's an excellent story in today's New York Times about it. I excerpted the story at my blog.

And also, don't forget the $2 million Bush insisted be set aside for a Presidential yacht!

Posted by: Deborah White at December 22, 2004 09:42 AM

Bush loves how photogenic troops are as props for his photo ops... and as tools for his thoughtless wars. Any military personnel that admire Bush are mindless goons. Bush only insults the intelligence of those in the military and the public and is completely disrespectful.

Posted by: TABS at December 22, 2004 08:22 PM