December 20, 2004

First, The Bad News...

The Left Coaster on how Ohio's voting problems point in the direction of what should be a critical democratic value. Let the GOP overreach commence at will. Kerry's campaign manager publicly admits to being ignorant of how the GOP and media operate, something she could have found out by reading any of the major liberal blogs and paying even minimal attention to what they had to say (all due respect to the Daou Report, were they even reading his work?) When even the insurance companies believe in global warming, the Bush administration's denial of the truth is as embarassing as that of an African head of state continuing to claim that AIDS isn't real. A conservative Christian explains why he's become shrill about the Christian Right and the GOP. We are far further down the road to the politicization of intelligence than we thought. Farm aid that doesn't help many farmers.

12th Harmonic reminds us of David Kelly, the UK WMD expert found dead in the woods, pointing us to the account of the paramedics on the scene who don't think it was suicide. The rich countries who caused it are already preparing for global warming, leaving poorer countries to suffer on their own. Gary Webb, an investigative reporter who linked the CIA to drug sales was found dead, apparently by suicide. A possible witness to Ohio vote fraud comes forward. It's alarming to note that 44% of my fellow citizens think that the civil rights of Muslims should be restricted.

DailyKos: A diarist on how the consequences of a few destructive individuals being allowed free rein are sometimes the extinction of an entire species. An introduction to a heavily footnoted election review. Kos shares a job description for DNC Chair as written by one of the candidates most likely to be qualified, and explains why Zach Exley is an idiot.

Al-Muhajabah takes on the question of whether Arabs or Muslims have always hated Jews, and brings us an update on the Palestinian non-violence movement.

Iran and the Ukraine becoming faster friends.

Alas, A Blog: What's new in the same-sex marriage debate. What fat people and gay people have in common. A roundup of good links, including a pointer to excerpts from Lynne Cheney's steamy, lesbian romance novel. If Roe v. Wade were overturned, the country might not look much different than it does now. Why you should read MouseWords. The full extent of occupational segregation revealed. A job only available to 'male with Republican stripes'. The definition of gender privilege.

We've often wondered, but the Sideshow explains why wingnuts hate America. Are more Democrats preparing to sell out reproductive rights? The day the Democratic party as a group stops supporting reproductive freedom, that day I find another party. Also, as usual, read down from those posts to find more of the gems Avedon always finds.

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