December 13, 2004

Right Wing Hate Machine Targets Cupertino Elementary School

NPR had a very good report about the latest fake outrage the wingnuts have been trying to promote. As Dave Johnson reported, the right wing machine has been revved up to advertise that a teacher in Cupertino has been discriminated against simply because he tried to let his 5th grade class know how religion influenced the founding fathers. The claim is that the school banned the Declaration of Independence because it mentioned God. As NPR's report showed, this teacher was badly out of line and there were many parents and kids who were disturbed by his insistance of bringing in his religious views into every lesson, including math. Cupertino is a diverse community and he made non-Christian children (and even non-fundamentalist children) uncomfortable with his overemphasis on his religious views.

Yet, seeing what kind of exposure this nutcase has gotten across the country via the right wing hate machine, and understanding that the school and teachers are now receiving death threats and hate mail because of that exposure, shows us how powerful and frightening the wingnuts can be. And because this machine operates with impunity, a significant portion of the public won't hear the truth about this matter. This noise machine is clearly a danger to our country. Do you think that Limbaugh or Sean and Hannity would admit they are repeating and supporting lies or be unhappy if their hate mongering leads to violence?

Additional information:

Cupertino School news release on this matter.

eRiposte has been tracking this issue closely.

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To followers of Dominion theology, they're not lies. Since they start from a belief system that allows them to proselytize anywhere, any time, to anyone, any restriction is to them discrimination and a reinforcing 'proof' of opression. Even when they have to stretch a point, the internal mechanism justifies the action, and when critics respond to debunk the attack, that in turn reinforces the justification. Hannity may actually believe the substance he spouts. Limbaugh, I suspect, is just using it as fuel...I really don't see him as being this committed.

In the end, I think there are only two solutions that we can hope for: either to get enough media and political attention on it, and enough information to more normal people, to tag these groups for who they are (thus marginalizing them), or to hope for a revival of doctrine within the Christian church that will correctly tag much of evangelicalism as heresy (thus again, marginalizing them).

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How come there isn't any coverage here of the WA Governor's Race?

If you aren't going to cover the race, you should add a blog to your blogroll that does:

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