December 10, 2004

White Supremacist Morons

A title that practically writes itself. The Sideshow pointed me over to Garance Franke-Ruta's post on TAPped about the racism creeping into the NYTimes editorial page via movement conservative David Brooks. The moron Brooks quoted has talked extensively about the need to preserve the white race from low birthrates and interracial marriage.

I'd just like to say briefly that many of these arguments allude to some sort of tweaked premise that thus would be preserved the diversity of the human race. Which is ironic, since many of them barely seem to admit that non-whites are human. So here's a quick run-through of applied evolutionary diversity:

Species are most diverse at their point of origin. The why should be obvious; because they've been in their original environment longest, and therefore had the most time to change.

When a population migrates away from its origin, it becomes subject to what's referred to as the founder effect. Traits which are uncommon in the parent population are often overrepresented in any given small group of migrants, and will come to be disproportionately represented in the offspring. (If your trait was present in only one in 1000 of the original population, and you migrate away with 40 other people... well, you do the math.) Some traits of the parent group are likely to be missing entirely.

This effect can decrease genetic diversity in the migrating group as relates to the original population, and new environments are likely to select in favor of even a smaller subset. (Consider what would happen if your trait was present in one in ten people of the original group, but by chance you're the only one who carries it in your small band of 40. If you fail to stand aside for a woolly mammoth one day, drink downstream of a three-day-old antelope corpse... you. math.)

There is more human genetic diversity in Africa, the origin of our species, than in the entire rest of the world. There are Africans more different from each other than Europeans are from Asians.

Anyone really interested in preserving the genetic heritage and diversity of the human race would take a serious interest in stopping genocide, starvation, and plagues from ravaging our species' ancestral home. Dammit.

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Maybe PBS should second guess having David Brooks on their news hour as an analysis. Anyone up for a grass roots mailing to PBS and the NYT? I always saw him [Brooks] as a fool, but never new he had bigoted tendencies.

As for: "There is more human genetic diversity in Africa, the origin of our species, than in the entire rest of the world."

Iíve come to think that we should all consider ourselves African American. If you study anthropology and scientific evidence, through genetic research, we can trace our roots to the African continent. Racism is just plan ignorance and stupidity. If you're a bigot, you're an idiot. I could never understand why someone would be judged by the amount of melatonin in anotherís epidermis, the amount of UV exposure one gets over their lifetime, or the evolutionary migration patterns of their most direct ancestors [versus, say, the content of their character]. Why does this still exist? (I guess thatís like asking why do red-necks exist or red states exist). Never the less, we need to get over racism once and for all. Weíre all African Americans*!

[*Unless, of course you do not live in North America: then youíre African European, African Asian, etc.]

How Ďbout we eliminate labels altogether? Does that mean the end of our language as we know it?

Visual Beings Color Blind

Posted by: TABS at December 10, 2004 11:50 AM

Can you add a "k" in my first paragraph so that it states "knew" instead of "new"? That would be great...

Posted by: TABS at December 10, 2004 11:59 AM

Racism is viral like the flu. We suffer from it greatly then find a way to treat it, only to have another strain pop up to ravage us again.

Brook's is a carrier. A 'Typhoid Mary' of racists.
On the survace, he may not be infected but as his work moves around the ionosphere, the infection spreads.

And just like the real flu, treatment is in short supply these days.

Goddess forgive us, we know not what we do.

Posted by: David Aquarius at December 10, 2004 02:55 PM

The Race Card is used to differ attention from the issue of elitism, the Class Card, which trumps the Race Card. Follow the money.

White Flight to the Suburbs now extends to the Exurbs - hardly a difference. But, it is the ability to afford the costs of, or profit from, exurban life that determines who becomes an exurban, despite skin color. Those who can afford the move, sell or rent their former inner-city homes, abandon their roots, neglect economic fertilizer and let the tree wither.

Rather than tend unruly inner-city human habitation, the exurban, like the suburban, exercise their political power to direct all economic resources toward the conversion of inner-cities into asphalt throughways, parking garages and office tower, paper-shuffler paychecks, the lowest gas taxes, and 'their' American way-of-life as non-negotiable.

Posted by: Artie at December 11, 2004 12:34 PM