December 05, 2004

Family Values on the March

A clerical jury of the United Methodist Church has convicted and defrocked a lesbian pastor. The church is notable for television ads stating that their minds, hearts, and doors are always open, as well as for one advertisement where the 'God voiceover' was done by a woman. Somehow, I think a lot of their work to create this impression of openness has been singed by this incident.

In the meantime, Viacom-owned stations CBS and UPN has declared that an ad by the United Church of Christ which subtly suggested that gays would be welcome at their church, along with asians and seniors, is too controversial to air in light of the president's intention to enact a Constitutional ban on gay marriage. CBS apparently confusing an intention to preemptively invalidate gay marriage with an intention to declare the existence of gay people illegal. Is this just reactionary stupidity, or a preview of a national 'don't ask, don't tell' policy?

World Net Daily kindly points readers to a book explaining the Christian myths arising from a 'misreading' of the bible that lead people to believe in crazy things like the separation of church and state, or that it's wrong to impose your personal values on others. Also, they would like to see an immediate separation of school and state.

The head of Homeland Security in waiting had an out-of-wedlock child in Korea when he was stationed there in the 70's. He abandoned both mother and child when he was redeployed a year later. (Link thanks to Raw Story)

Right wing freaking out over suspicions that Ken Mehlman might be gay. Mehlman was a Bush campaign manager, and is expected to be the next chair of the Republican National Committee. America Blog starkly highlights the utter hypocrisy of the whining.

In other news, Jerry Falwell recently said of suspected terrorists that the U.S. should "blow them all away in the name of the Lord." As Steven Colbert of the Daily Show explained when commenting on Falwell's statement, "in a related story, Jesus has quit." (Second link thanks to America Blog)

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I picked up the Colbert piece, too. There were many very smart lines that he threw out during the skit.

Here's one I posted: Steve Mosher, a Texas pharmacist said he will not dispense the pill because "I cannot participate in taking the life of a human being." Colbert answered: "Because for Mosher life begins as soon as you THINK of having sex."

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