December 02, 2004

AIDS: Still There

Half the infected population worldwide are women, and the infection rates for young women are fast outstripping rates in young men.

Sex trafficking of young girls is contributing to growing rates of infection in India.

Pakistan has finally decided to start talking about the disease in public.

In New York, the Administration for Children's Services has been testing new AIDS drugs on orphaned children in its care, many of whom were 'crack babies.' Yes, you read that correctly, this is allegedly happening here in America.

Presently, 14,000 people a day are being infected.

More links and stories from the BBC.

A Guardian writer rounds up world press reaction following World AIDS day, and there are more stories here.

Particularly notable: The article about the fallen middle class of Zimbabwe, where prostitution is spreading as the economy crashes, and a quarter of the adult population has the virus. Or this one about how reggae singers tapping into Carribean homophobia fuels the spread of AIDS, which disease is principally spread through heterosexual contact.

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Iran is starting to face facts on the rising number of AIDs-related issues as well.

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