December 01, 2004

WA Governor's Race

If you can believe it, I haven't really had much time to read the news lately besides checking the blog headlines and skimming Google. My newspapers for the past week are in an unsightly stack by the front door, still garishly wrapped in their pink rain covers, and that's the very least of the things I've let slip lately. This close to the end of the quarter, exams are coming thick and fast leading up to finals, but I feel guilty about overlooking an important local issue: Paying for the recount in the governor's race.

The last news I heard about it, the money to pay for the recount was well in hand. As it turns out, not so much. This dKos diary talks about who in the Democratic party is coming to the rescue, and what that means for the future direction of the national and state parties depending on the next DNC Chair.

Howard Dean's Blog for America has been watching Washington closely, and they've asked their supporters to chip in directly to the state party to cover the costs of a full hand recount. One that would have happened automatically if the first machine count had matched the second.

The deadline is Thursday. Tomorrow as of the time of this post, today as of the time you're probably first reading it. Please contribute to the WA State Democratic Party today if you can, so we can count every vote.

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