November 30, 2004

Quick Hits

Brad DeLong: China's money game, or, Yet Another Kind of International Chicken. The Iraqization of the occupation isn't going so well, clearly we should redouble our efforts. The shock and horror of indecency in America. The possibly disastrous 'reform' of Social Security.

Kevin at the American Street brings us some lessons from evangelicals, and also shared a link to an election analysis of why all the people who either don't agree with Bush, or who will be hurt by another four years voted for him anyway.

Wired: My blasted insomnia may have a genetic component, dammit, but I'm not alone in the ensuing need for a nap. More news on the rocket fuel in our food.

DailyKos: The unnaccountable Congress. Dueling perspectives on the decision to allow universities to continue receiving federal funding even if they bar military recruitment. Latest noises from the DNC Chair race.

How to Save the World: Urban development warfare in Ontario. The problem with reporting the Gross Domestic Product.

Suburban Guerrilla: More Texas energy company misdeeds, and again, only the ones we know about. Whoever ends up in control of Iraq, they will eventually have to deal with the tiny problem of all that depleted uranium laying around, either having to clean it up or handling the resulting health problems.

Wampum: The Bureau of Labor Statistics will no longer collect gender data from its institutional survey. Temporary workers have now entirely lost collective bargaining rights. A liberal argument in favor of tort reform. If Democrats and liberals make assumptions based on a cartoon image of the South, they're bound to go wrong.

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