November 23, 2004

Dean For DNC Chair

Dave Neiwert wrote the post I wish I'd gotten around to, but probably won't, about the Draft Dean movement. You can find a link there to the Draft Dean site,where you can sign a petition that will be sent to Dean asking him to run. He hasn't officially declared or even decided yet.

Now that Vilsack is out of the running, things look good for the prospects of shaking up the status quo. Though I wouldn't complain if Simon Rosenberg landed the position, he sounds alright so far.

Anything to get the shadow government going strong. We promise not to house ours in an undisclosed location ;)

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We have a site set up specifically for lobbying DNC members to elect Dean. Please consider joining us.

Posted by: Steve C. at December 4, 2004 01:09 AM