November 23, 2004

The Midnight Oil

I've got two midterms on Wednesday, so posting is going to be light until then. But still, I've been reading a bit, and all these open windows on my desktop have just got to go.

Support the troops? Good. How about sending some holiday cheer their way.

Ampersand: What Society Values

TalkLeft notes that the recently passed budget monstrosity had yet another poison pill, releasing the protections for student aid. Also: A look at truth in sentencing laws, which are like mandatory minimums, but worse. Even though he got the vote, the public doesn't support a radical agenda. The cameraman who caught the mosque killing on video tells his story. A good blog roundup.

Trish Wilson shares the news that a young man who shot his pregnant girlfriend to prevent her getting an abortion has been convicted of attempted murder. Perversely and unsurprisingly, the pregnancy this 'pro-life' creep was attempting to save ended in a miscarriage soon after the shooting. The 16 year old victim is now a quadriplegic.

Still 'blue' over the election? Shake your doldrums by getting ready for the next one.

DailyKos: The art of political language. The new DNC Chair may be Simon Rosenberg, which sounds like a reasonable outcome, though I hope Dean sticks around to do something. Europe's deal with Iran seems to have thrown a wrench in Bush's favorite game: International Chicken. And proving that nothing is *all* bad, the omnibus spending bill had good news on the nuclear front.

Blondesense would like to have a party. Not that kind of party, though.

Keith Olbermann's most recent post on the continuing vote count saga in Ohio. The one here in Washington, I've just been trying not to watch, quite frankly. I don't want to know until it's over.

Atrios: What does it mean to talk about the rights of marriage? A lawsuit has been filed over the mass arrests in New York during the GOP convention.

How to Save the World explains to Adbuster fans why you can't jam the culture, or at least, not that way.

Digby says that there's more truth in a Nielsen rating or Playboy subscription than in a truckload of sanctimonious moralizing.

Max Sawicky believes that Alan Greenspan is a scam artist, and talks about criticizing Israel.

Steve Gilliard: Blogs more popular than opinion magazines.

Mahablog gives some background and shares her thoughts on antidepressants.

Americablog: They fired the wrong Powell.

AmericanStreet: The US consumer is getting a little worn out. The Indian wars never really ended.

Body and Soul writes about children's health issues, both in Iraq and here at home. Hat tip to the American Street.

MyDD: The partisan index revisited and explained. Could Meetup be leveraged into a 50-state strategy?

Seeing the Forest: Why we need a real liberal media. (I put up a link a few days ago to a piece by Dave Neiwert about the effects of conservative radio on rural America, but if you didn't catch it, it goes well with the STF commentary)

Orcinus: Republicans continue their quest to ruin the family farm. How the judicial respect for privacy came to be under attack, and some background on the people trying to restrict reproductive rights. Neiwert picks up the threads of the emerging conversation about creeping creationism presented as science which has been appearing more often lately on blogs, and not just here (btw, thanks for the mention, Dave.)

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