November 20, 2004

Curl Up With A Good Blog

MB at Wampum talks about the proposal to pay for more tax cuts for the wealthy by ending the federal deduction for state and local income taxes. The accompanying chart illustrates how much more of an impact this will have on 'blue' states.

South Knox Bubba has had it with the red state vs. blue state talk. I understand what he's trying to say, but while we still have the electoral college, and while red state politicians squeeze out blue states in the federal funding game, those terms are here to stay.

Digby takes a look at popular country music and determines that there isn't that big a cultural divide in America, after all. He also points to Oliver Willis' Brand Democrat campaign.

Tom Tomorrow shares a vignette of Halliburton decadence.

Josh Marshall posts a guide to the DeLay ethics investigation scandal, with pointers to a fuller background on the story.

Eccentricity on how to provide real help to the troops, many of whom are now at the mercy of food stamps and private charity.

The American Street posts about a school principal fired for being a Christian. That is to say, a Christian who prayed for the revelation that he should have a teacher whip him with his own belt in front of two high school boys.

BOP News on the need for a Democratic insurgency to take the party over from paid consultants who no longer seem to care whether we win or lose, and spend half their time on the take from the other side. Also, commentary using taxes as a weapon, which is a preview of what we can expect out of the Republican leadership.

Kevin Drum explains the transition costs for Social Security privatization.

Lean Left suggests that Democrats be the party of intellectual freedom.

MyDD: Creeping feudalism is upon us, with numerous large employers under investigation for forcing people to work without pay, and the federal employment laws that practically mandate it for exempt employees. A history of liberalism. The Washington Post accepted money to publish a racist, homophobic screed based on bad science, which just proves that they're obviously part of the liberal media. You are encourage to go read The Daou Report.

Mark Morford calls to oust all the hypocrites in usual over-the-top fashion.

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