November 16, 2004

Daily Atrocities

Liberal Oasis: They're not just getting ready to purge the hotbed of liberalism over at the CIA, oh no, the appointment of Condoleezza Rice to Secretary of State means a purge of the State Department as well. And then when all of our top counter-terror agents and most experienced foreign-relations analysts have been given the boot, then we can really start feeling safe. Also, Scher leaves us with yet another reason to write your Democratic representatives and beg them to start ignoring Joe Lieberman.

Hopefully, David Horsey's vision of a Jesus for our times is just hyperbole.

MyDD lets us know that the government wants the black box data from personal cars available with new technology that's been quietly installed in cars over the last few years.

Dave Pell shares his father's story of growing up in Poland during the Holocaust.

Pandagon: A bill is being considered in the Senate that would make it illegal to skip commercials and possibly coming close to outlawing blogging as we know it. In the meantime, Senate Democrats have adopted the Puss in Boots strategy of hoping to distract the enemy by looking cute.

Beautiful Horizons brings us the story of an admirable person, read it and be cheered up.

Juan Cole writes about the implications of Powell's resignation, which may be larger than seem obvious.

Feministing tells us that a radio station in North Carolina has forbidden the words 'reproductive rights', and talks about a new women's radio station in Afghanistan.

Corrente: The Iraqi perspective on what's happening in Fallujah. It's Vietnam all over again, so we get a flashback. When it was a Democrat on the ropes years ago, Republicans agitated for rules declaring that House caucus leaders had to step down if indicted, but they may now suspend this rule in the face of a likely indictment of Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

Reload blog on Social Security madness.

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