November 10, 2004

Another amazing coincidence.

Now that the election is done with, the US government is dropping the terror warning level at financial centers in New York, New Jersey, and Washington, DC.

Obviously, the terrorists are afraid to attack these financial centers now that Dubya received that overwhelming mandate and has the 'will of the people' behind him. Only a cynic or al-Qaeda sympathizer would think that the terror limit was raised to orange three months ago in order to influence the election, and dropped back to yellow today because the political need has passed.

Via AP.

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stupid 'mandate'. bush is full of crap. he makes me so angry, i could go out and... well, hug trees, be nice to gay people, tell my kid it's okay to be different, laugh at people in suv's who have a hard time parking in seattle, drop some flowers off at planned parenthood, send some money to the aclu or now or some other deserving organization, make an anti-war protest sign, march with that sign, not succumb to any sexist crap, revel in my own spirituality and respect the fact that we have many hundreds of different religions represented in our country, shop anywhere but walmart, talk sense to everyone I can get to hold still.....

Posted by: kelite at November 10, 2004 04:50 PM