November 08, 2004

About Dubya's election victory last week.

You might want to read this column by Bob Fitrakis in the Columbus (OH) Free Press to catch up with the latest developments in the state that delivered the White House to Dubya.

Here are a couple of tidbits:

— In Miami County, with 100% of the precincts reporting at 9am EST Wednesday, Nov. 3, Bush had 20,807 votes (65.80%) and Kerry had 10,724 (33.92%). Miami reported 31,620 voters. Inexplicably, nearly 19,000 new ballots were added after all precincts reported, boosting Bush's vote to 33,039 (65.77%) to Kerry's 17,039 (33.92%). CASE [Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections] is investigating why the percentage of the vote stayed exactly the same to three one-hundredths of a percentage point after nearly 19,000 new ballots were added. CASE members speculate that it's either a long-shot coincidence with the last three digits remaining the same, or that someone had pre-set a database and programmed a voting machine to cough up a pre-set percentage of votes. Miami County uses an easily hackable optical scanner with the central counter provided by the Republican-linked vendor ES&S.

— In Warren County, administrators and election officials locked down the county administrative building and prohibited all independent election observers from watching the vote count. County officials cited "homeland security," according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. WCPO-TV Channel 9 News Director Bob Morford told the Enquirer that he had "never seen anything like it." Morford asserted that throwing the media and independent observers out of the centralized counting area under the guise of "homeland security" was a "red herring." He said, "That's something to put up when you don't know what else to put up to keep us out." In Warren County, Bush picked up an additional 12,000 votes over his 2000 election total.

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Evidence mounting that this election has been stolen:

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