November 06, 2004

More Post-Election Navel Gazing

Salon publishes the letters of blue voters in red states.

Don't let it stop you thinking that there's work to be done, but via Dunne IV, Palast says this election was 2000 all over again. Dunne points out that this is what Republicans plan to do with their ill-gotten gains, a sample:

...[Conservative strategist Grover] Norquist eagerly predicted the accomplishment of a long agenda of government reduction: repealing the estate tax, privatizing Social Security, restricting medical and other liability lawsuits, closing military bases, opening more government jobs to competitive bidding to lower costs and weaken unions, imposing new disclosure requirements on organized labor, and expanding health care and investment savings accounts. ...

MyDD's Chris Bowers is plenty angry, and most of his ire is directed at the large number of uncontested Republican seats, races where Democrats decided not to bother running. Even when the candidate can't win, you should contest every seat (the Republicans sure do) because it drives up the overall vote of your supporters in that district and helps up-ticket races. Not contesting seats sends the bad message that the party has given up on talking to the people who live in those areas. Chris also points out that Democrats made some gains this election in terms of consolidating their voter base, which may help in future races.

Talk Left on the campaign role of the internet. She also pointed to a great Molly Ivins' piece telling Democrats "Don't Mourn, Organize", wherein the Bush administration is compared to a dead chicken. Heh.

The Maine News posts an AP story suggesting that the election results could spell trouble for the Northeast. Not that anything would come of it, because we all know how interested Dubya is in representing the interests of the whole country.

Pandagon points out the true face of movement conservatism, and here's hoping along with him that plenty of these people speak up loud and clear over the next four years. Also, a portrait of Bush voters.

Re: Immigration to Canada. You weren't the only one thinking about it, with US visits to Canada's immigration website going up six-fold after the election. Some generous Canadians have even stepped up to make the transition easier, signing up at a website to offer themselves as potential spouses for would be country switchers. Most of this is a spoof from the Canadians' point of view, and the government warns that immigration takes up to a year, with no special dispensation for Americans. From the article:

...Even Prime Minister Paul Martin is getting in on the fun, saying he doubts any extra American applications will be processed as refugee claims. Still, Martin says Canada is happy to take immigrants from all over the world.

...Canadians posting their profiles are having fun with it too. One woman calling herself "Flicka" in Langley, B.C. says she's hot for "southern accents and people who say 'y'all' without any irony." ...

If Canada won't take you, I hear New Zealand is a country that's looking for a few good immigrants. Australia prefers immigrants who have visited the country before, and preferably lived there for at least a brief stint. The UK is, alas, extremely picky I'm told. If you speak another language, your choices are probably wider, but there's a reason for the joke that if somebody knows two languages they're bilingual, and if they only know one, they must be American.

Seriously though, hold the line.

Steve Gilliard talks about why this is the time to get to work, talks a bit about what comes next, writes an open letter to our European friends, reminds Democrats/liberals/progressives to turn against Bush instead of each other, and explains why gay rights will never progress until it becomes an issue of fairness.

DailyKos: Tom Schaller on why Ralph Reed is a gift, straight from heaven, as it were. DemFromCT has a number of useful contacts for the members of the 49% who don't want to be forgotten. Kos tells us that Democrats made solid gains in local politics, the training ground for our next crop of Congresscritters and Senators. Meteor Blades with some commentary and links about the mass media.

Seeing the Forest would like party leaders to stop playing concession politics, why there's only one message to send to bigots, and the global warming juggernaut that's coming our way whether the president believes in it or not.

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