November 06, 2004

Recipe for Success, Part 1

I have this bad habit of working for a living nowadays. Had I been reading blogs diligently like I'm supposed to, I doubtless would have run across a much more profound statement of purpose than the one I'm typing here. It's important we have one going forward, as it will lend direction to our efforts and keep up on track. Please point me to a better one when you find it. My earlier blog "Silence is Golden" could be considered Part 0, or What Happened? This starts the What Are We Going to Do About It? part, and is meant to be collaborative. Here is my take on what we need to do in the next four years:

1) Understand why people vote the way they do, and why people eligible to vote don't. The primary activity here is listening.

2) Connect their value system with what is really going on in the country/world and how liberals ideas make sense. This is dialogue.

3) Tie their identified self-interest to the importance of voting. This is the call to action.

4) Make sure they get the chance to vote. Registration, GOTV, fighting disenfranchisement and fraud come into play here.

5) Make sure their vote gets counted. Here's where countering fraud, electronic voting, paper ballots come in.

Pretty naive, but perhaps it can serve as the skeleton of a working document for political change in this country.

Posted by Norman at November 6, 2004 01:24 AM | US Politics | Technorati links |

Don't disparage your work before you even hit the key.

The only qualm I have is figuring out what you mean by 'liberal' ideas. I know what 'progressive' ideas are. But liberal ideas seem to swim in an ether and keep getting pushed aside as wimpy.

But, given the 30/30 split of Lefts and Rights, I really like your idea of listening to that group that makes up the largest segment of the voting population...the non-voter.


Posted by: siegestate at November 7, 2004 07:58 AM

Thanks siegestate, I'm encouraged by your kind words. By liberal, I mean progressive. To me, they're interchangeable. In fact, I had a whole speech draft ready for Kerry to give sometime last Spring, that I'll modify and post sometime. It starts something like "for too long we have let the Republicans define the political terms. That ends today. I have a confession to make, I am a liberal and let me tell you what that means: it means putting people first ..." I also am strongly urging people to stop using the term "conservative" to describe right-wingers, because they have no interest in conserving. They want to regress back to the Good Old Days of feudal lordships, so contrast Progressives with Regressives. Spread the word!

Posted by: Norman at November 7, 2004 11:52 PM