November 05, 2004

Reflections ad Infinitum

Paul Waldman at the Gadflyer sums up the election as a referendum on the parties' competence at campaigning.

Over at Making Light, there's an interesting prevalence among the commenters to describe Republicans as anarchists. Yeah, that fits.

Blog Reload is offering a theocracy mentorship program "over the next few months to pair off Blue State residents with Iranian citizens to assist them with easing into life in a theocratic state."

DailyKos diarist Galiel explains theocracy to puzzled secularists and moderate followers of all faiths.

Matt Yglesias discusses the mandate issue, and shares some thoughts on the future direction of liberalism and Democrats.

Nathan Newman talks about religious outreach, and notes that wingnuts are accusing American Jews of disloyalty to Israel.

Dave Neiwert discusses the uptick in hate crimes in the past week, and trends of Republican eliminationism and hate speech directed towards liberals.

At Wampum: Dwight Meredith is taking stock, sensibly suggesting that its counterproductive to spend time blaming either the electorate or the candidate, regardless the merits of the case. Also, how bad ideas can be good politics.

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