November 04, 2004

More Climate Science Suppression

From the Washington Post:

The Bush administration has been working for months to keep an upcoming eight-nation report from endorsing broad policies aimed at curbing global warming, according to domestic and foreign participants, despite the group's conclusion that Arctic latitudes are facing historic increases in temperature, glacial melting and abrupt weather changes.

State Department representatives have argued that the group, which has spent four years examining Arctic climate fluctuations, lacks the evidence to prepare detailed policy proposals. But several participants in the negotiations, all of whom requested anonymity for fear of derailing the Nov. 24 report, said officials from the eight nations and six indigenous tribes involved in the effort had ample science on which to draft policy. ...

Now that Russia is signing on to the Kyoto Protocol, this has the earmarks of a fine proxy fight for other issues. Buckle up.

Posted by natasha at November 4, 2004 01:07 AM | Environment | Technorati links |

Magpie. Science suppression should be expected when science threatens profits. I believe Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are so utterly impractical and inapplicable that to suggest they're the future amounts to a hoax.

This Christian Science Monitor article, "Electric cars that pay", (, puts Hybrid-drive technology above Hydrogen. But, any car, no matter how fueled, presents an impediment to other means of urban/suburban travel, (walking, mass transit, bicycling). How can other travel modes function in urban settings designed solely for the automobile?

The science of carbon dioxide affects on the planet should be prefaced by the science of how the economic and physical structure of urban settings can reduce our intractable, wasteful, degrading travel dependency. The Hydrogen Economy is a hoax. That's why President Bush abandoned Hybrid technology R&D for Hydrogen R&D. Reduced profit, reduced control with Hybrids.

Posted by: Art at November 4, 2004 03:26 PM

I disagree that hydrogen is a hoax, but it's long before it's time. Just because it won't do anything for a decade or more doesn't mean it will never be done, or that it isn't a valid research goal. Computers used to cost as much as a school and take up nearly as much room, but hey, we got better at making them.

That said, to portray it as a near term solution is a hoax. It's far more reasonable to look for intermediate steps that transition society towards greater sustainability.

Posted by: natasha at November 4, 2004 07:14 PM

Natasha. Read the CSMonitor article - the link works. The big advantage with Hybrid is the battery pack, (another alternate energy form, which can be larger than offered on Prius or new US models), can be recharged via the grid or home-based power. Hydrogen will not be practical to generate, compress and store at home. Thus, Hydrogen will remain under the control of corporate systems, just like oil. On the other hand, with Hybrid, the option of driving completely under home-based battery power creates an economic incentive to drive shorter distances of limited battery power, and, this builds local economies accessable by other modes of travel: your feet and mass transit. The article does not mention this.

A larger Hybrid battery also creates a better, safer vehicle. 200 to 400 pounds of battery pack, located on the frame, lowers vehicle center-of-gravity, improving handling and stability, making all Hybrids safer cars, especially SUVs, by making them less prone to rollover. The article does not mention this.

Further, Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will always have a low driving range and built ultra light to extend their range. Thus, the applicability of Hydrogen never extends beyond the passenger, light truck and van fleet. Hybrid applicability ranges from subcompact to heavy freight. The article does not mention this.

Science rebukes Hydrogen fuel cell technology. President Bush, an ignoramus, follows the advice of the automobile industry, and they promote Hydrogen, knowing that it is a complete and total hoax and a means for them to retain control of fuel and how consumers use that fuel by controlling development. The article does not mention this.

Consider what I've posted here. George Bush's Policy on Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology is bogus. No one should be surprised.

Posted by: Art at November 4, 2004 08:13 PM