November 02, 2004

U.S. voter turnout is heavy.

Here's a typical description of the polls today, from the AP:

Long lines were reported at precincts from Florida and North Carolina to West Virginia and Michigan. "We even had people waiting in line before we opened at 6:30 a.m.," said Wayne County Clerk Robert Pasley in Wayne, West Virginia. "In some places, there was more than a dozen people waiting, and that's heavy."

Rain was falling in parts of the Midwest as voters lined up. Brian Fravel, a 43-year-old welder who lives in Columbus, Ohio, said he had never before had to wait to vote. When he arrived at the Northland Church of Christ at 7:30 a.m., he found a long line of people and waited 45 minutes to cast a ballot. "I thought I was early enough to beat it," Fravel said.

Heavy turnouts usually favor Democratic candidates. We expect that much gnashing of teeth is starting in the White House. Expect dirty tricks over the course of the day to try to discourage voting.

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"more than a dozen people waiting"??

My local precient here in Suburban Tampa Bay had a hour long wait to poll -- which is the longest wait I have ever had there. There may have been 100 people online at a time but only 8 or voting "booths".

Still, very good turnout....I was there at 9 AM....

Posted by: John F. at November 2, 2004 09:31 AM